Our Teaching Style

At Kikokushijo Japan, we believe in helping students succeed and maintain their language proficiency. Therefore, we developed our teaching style to ensure each student remains competitive and can thrive in their new environment.

We prioritize language retention for students transitioning back to the Japanese school system. With our experienced instructors and unique curriculum, we strive to help every student successfully transition while preserving and enhancing their English language skills.

What Does our Curriculum Look Like?

We centered Kikokushijo Japan's curriculum on retaining natural English language fluency. We achieve this goal by adhering to the basic tenets of future success outlined below.

Developing these skills allows learners to broaden their language and academic skills. As we plan our lessons, we refer to the following tenets to introduce subjects like history, geography, science, math, and writing.


Essential for teamwork and understanding diverse perspectives, crucial in a globalized world.


Vital for expressing ideas and understanding others, especially in a bilingual environment.


Drives learning and exploration, helping students adapt to new educational settings


Encourages innovative thinking, a valuable skill in problem-solving.


Ensures students are capable and proficient, building a solid foundation for future learning.


Fosters dedication and perseverance, key to achieving academic goals.


Promotes a sense of belonging and community, essential for students transitioning between cultures.


Builds self-assurance, empowering students to tackle new challenges.


Develops attention to detail and pride in work, leading to high-quality outcomes.