We offer two types of classes to help students of all levels retain their English fluency and prepare for the challenges of junior high school:

  • Regular Classes are designed for students who want to maintain their English fluency. These classes focus on grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.
  • Prep Classes are designed for students who want to prepare for the challenges of junior high school. These classes focus on academic subjects such as math, science, and English.

Our classes are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about helping students succeed. We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities to help students make friends and have fun.

Kikokushijo Japan's Regular Class

Our Regular Class is designed to help students maintain their English language proficiency while transitioning back to the Japanese school system. We prioritize language retention and employ an experienced team of instructors to deliver a unique curriculum that is centered around nine key tenets. These tenets guide our lesson planning and introduce subjects like history, geography, science, math, and writing. Our goal is to help every student thrive in their new environment while preserving and enhancing their English language skills.

2023-2024 1st Term

  • Date: September - December 2023
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time: 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm

2023-2024 2nd Term (Enrollment open now!)

  • Date: January - March 2024
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time: 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm


  • January 2024: 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
  • February 2024: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
  • March 2024: 6th, 13th, 20th

Please contact us for enrollment.

New! Kikokushijo Prep Class

Kikokushijo Prep Class 2023~2024

Unlock Your Potential for Success!

Are you a Kikokushijo student preparing to excel in your studies? Look no further! The Kikokushijo Prep Class is here to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive academically. Join us for 15 intensive preparation classes designed specifically for KJP students.

Who can join the KJ Prep class? The KJ Prep class is open to two groups of students. Firstly, it welcomes younger students who are below the required age, specifically 3rd grade in elementary school. Secondly, it is also available for students who haven't passed the level check or initial interview for the KJ class. However, it's important to note that joining the KJ Prep class requires an interview. While it is designed for younger students, the interview process is in place to ensure that students meet the necessary criteria for enrollment. If accepted, you will have the opportunity to practice and enhance your skills for a year, preparing yourself to meet the requirements for the KJ class in the future.

Program Details:

Duration: January 5, 2024 to March 22, 2024
Lesson Schedule: Fridays at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Lesson Format: 90 minutes of intensive instruction

Curriculum Highlights

Theoretical Part:

  • Basic Essay Writing Skills
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Advanced Sentence Building

Practical Part:

  • Essential Debating Skills
  • Confident Presentation Skills
  • How to Lead Conversations
  • Basic Role Play Skills

Assessment and Interview:

To ensure your child is ready for the challenges of KJ, the Head Teacher will assess your child's skills and share their recommendation with you. The Head Teacher will interview your child in your presence.

Why Choose Kikokushijo Prep Class?

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors understand the unique challenges faced by Kikokushijo students. They will provide personalized guidance to enhance your academic abilities.
  • Focused Curriculum: Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to supplement your school studies and help you excel in key subjects. We offer targeted instruction in areas such as essay writing, grammar, vocabulary, debating, presentation skills, and more.
  • Effective Learning Strategies: Gain valuable study techniques and time management skills that will maximize your efficiency and boost your confidence in tackling exams and assignments.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Collaborate with fellow KJ students in a supportive and engaging atmosphere. Share ideas, exchange knowledge, and develop valuable friendships that will enhance your educational journey.


Fee per Lesson: ¥5,700 for 90 minutes of intensive instruction.
For full details visit our Tuition page.

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Invest in your future and take a proactive step towards academic excellence. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot in the Kikokushijo Prep Class 2023~2024 now!

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Kikokushijo Prep Class

Phone: 03-5684-0247

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Don't miss this opportunity to excel in your studies! Join the Kikokushijo Prep Class and pave the way for a successful academic journey.